ScribeFire – A Killer Addon for Bloggers

With the move to WordPress I thought I would give the ScribeFire addon for Firefox another try. I had tried it once when this blog was on Blogger and it just did not work very well. I have to admit though that ScribeFire works very well with WordPress.

I have to admit I am not a big fan of the WordPress editor, I was not a big fan of Bloggers either. I can’t really put my finger on why I dislike them, but I always have had a problem with them. The ScribeFire editor is decent. It is easy to find the basic formatting buttons that I would expect, while at the same time not over doing it, like some editors do.

Other highlights that have impressed me so far was how easy it was to add my blog to the program, edit some past posts, pages and adding and editing tags. I also like the fact that I can have the editor open on the bottom and research ideas of pages above the editor.

Things are not all perfect though. On my AMD 64bit Ubuntu desktop Scribefire makes Firefox act strange, mainly by locking up. Enough that I removed the addon from that system and things seemed to go back to normal so if I continue to use ScribeFire it will be on my laptop where it seems to behave.

If you are a serious blogger give ScribeFire a try, it might be the best blogging addon for Firefox there is.

2 Responses to ScribeFire – A Killer Addon for Bloggers

  1. I’ve used this for quite a while, well before it had the current name. I’ve never noticed you could edit posts from there, I just have used it to post drafts to my site for later finishing. Thanks for the tip, I’ll be using that feature in the future.

  2. It works pretty good on my laptop. Makes it easy to sit and write in the evening while I watch TV after the kids go to bed. It kills my desktop install of Firefox though. Probably because it it a 32bit browser running on a 64bit operating system.

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