Domain Registry of Canada

The Domain Registry of Canada sounds like such an official name doesn’t it? It sounds like they have some authority over website domains in Canada. That could not be further from the truth. The truth is they are a company that sends out domain name expiration notice letters to domain name holders to transfer their domains away for their current registrar to them.

Now I know what they are doing is probably quite legal since they talk about transferring the name etc, but there is something about it that stinks. The first is the fact that they make themselves sound so official, and the talk about transferring the name is in the copy, and face it people don’t read very well. The second is that many people that have websites and domains don’t know who their registrar is. They hired a company to make them a website and got a domain with it. They might not know that the company that did the website for them is also their registrar, so this company. Third, and this is the most important one, their prices STINK! $40.00/year for a domain name! Maybe back in the 90’s! Heck, for what they charge per year you could register four domains at GoDaddy. Even I out price them at $20.00/year and I will manage it for you!

Well that is my word of warning to all of my clients out there and here is my advice of what you should do if you get a letter from the Domain Registry of Canada. Don’t even bother opening it and just through it straight into the paper recycle bin!

Want to know what the letter looks like? Here is the one I got recently. Looks so official doesn’t it?

Domain Registry of Canada

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  1. Reading the title of the post I thought this post is really going to be a great concern in Canada. But after reading the post it not up to my expectation.

    For Domain transfer FTP user name and password is important. but some hosting companies will register the domain (belong to their client’s) in their company name. If the client wants to transfer it because of issues like maintenance and customer service they regret to give the password for transfering the domain. Is there any way to get password from those people.

  2. The post is mostly a rant and warning to domain name owners in Canada. I have also heard they do similar things in the United States.

    As for the domain being registered by the host and not in the clients name. It can be tough to get it back. In Canada you need documents signed by all kinds of people. Sometimes even lawyers even have to get involved. Sometimes it is easier to start with a new domain.

  3. Perhaps a bit off-topic, but are there any companies acting as agents to register .ca domain names? I am interesting to add a .ca domain to my e-commerce site but I am not a permanent resident and would like to avoid having to file for a trademarks in Canada just to get the domain. Any tips?



  4. Last time I checked you need to be a resident of Canada or in the case of a business incorporated in Canada to buy a .ca domain. That is why you can’t get .ca domains at places like GoDaddy. Sorry I wish I could offer you more.

  5. HA! Where do I START?

    I urge the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Protection as well as ANY Domain Registrar that values customer loyalty to get cracking on these guys since they DO IMPLY that they have registered this domain with them in the openning lines of their letters (of which I get about a dozen a year) without saying it directly and is THEREFORE misleading.

    I Actually called them and asked them to remove my mailing address from their list and in my frustration the “Daemon Jacob” who answered the phone told me not to feed him my sob stories. Pretty much the level of customer service quality I’d expect from a company with no integity or shame. If they were hijacking mortgages and what have you there would be a federal case against this by now.


    This is a next generation high tech version of the business directory scam which was finally busted after years of being in business and after making millions if not bllions in fraud related profits.

    I understand it’s a recession and my heart bleeds for them with sympathy but this is total B.S. and No way to make an honest living. If the RCMP doesn’t do something about it then web developpers and anyone else in the industry should get interpol or the international agencies on their asses. Not all domains were canadian companies therefore I don’t believe there would be too many jurisdictional issues.

    I hope these guys like really warm weather because these guys and anyone working for them or with them that still have a conscious are going straight to hell, Atheist or otherwise.

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