Clustered Web Hosting

I am very happy with my dedicated servers from I have had very little problems with them over the years and they are easy to maintain. Recently though I came across a company called FastNext that has a clustered web hosting solution. Each cluster has two servers and mirrors each other so if one of the servers goes down the other can take over. This should help survive the Digg/Slashdot effect. It sounds like a great idea and for $6.95/month it really does not cost much more than some other hosting plans. I might have to look into getting an account there myself for my next big project.

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  1. Gary,
    Thanks for stopping by. The servers have been good. I have some other personal accounts other places (hate to have all my personal sites in one place you know) and the BlueFur ones have been the best.

  2. That’s not really considered Clustered hosting, that’s simply “failover hosting”. Hostingplex came out with a true clustered hosting solution for cPanel. I believe it’s one of the first, and maybe the only one.

    Fastnext is simply lying when they say it’s “clustered”.

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