8 Bits On Making Money From Your Blog

Vivien over at Inspiration Bit gave me an opportunity to write a guest post for her as an honorary final prize. I took the opportunity to write a summary of eight ways that you can start to monetize a blog. It is a post I have been wanting to write since I started this blog so it is nice to finally finish it. Head on over to 8 Bits On Making Money From Your Blog to read the post.

2 Responses to 8 Bits On Making Money From Your Blog

  1. Lee, thank you so very much for this insightful and helpful post. I was glad to see that you not only listed the eight ways but also added your personal experience and opinion about each of them. Great job!

  2. Thank you. Like I mentioned I have been meaning to write that post for a while. There are so many ways to make money from blogs and websites, but I think it is important to not overdue it like some bloggers out there have done. People read blogs for the content that is there and that needs to remain the focus.

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