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Making Money is about Trust

If you want to make money on the Internet, you need to earn the trust of your readers. Trust is something you have to earn, it does not come easily. Readers have to trust that you are telling them the truth. Unfortunately, we live in a culture that does not trust. While the reasons are…Continue Reading


Today the Internet has become a better place because AGLOCO is dead! It was a bad idea from the very beginning and really nothing more than a pyramid scheme. People kept saying it does not cost you anything so why not try it? Well how many hours did those people invest into a scheme that…Continue Reading

Saying Goodbye to AuctionAds!

It is the busiest time of the year for retail sales, and traffic on the sites I run AuctionAds on are all up, but guess what? AuctionAds has been performing like crap ever since ShoeMoney sold it. I don’t know if it is because Media Whiz has been spending all their time on their other…Continue Reading

Scratchback – Tip Jar Widget

Now that we live in the post Google slap where websites have been penalized for selling text links we need to find an alternative. While there is no doubt that the text link market will not be dying anytime soon, it will be heading underground and prices will be rising. If you are not really…Continue Reading

Boost Your Affiliate Earnings with WordPress Affiliate Pro

Well I have been checking in one DealDotCom the past few days, and I have to say I have not been impressed with the crap stuff they have been selling. Things seemed really hopeful when on the second day of their doors being opened they had a copy of the WordPress Affiliate Pro plugin available.…Continue Reading

A Beginners Guide to Affiliate Networks

I was having a discussion with a client a couple of weeks ago about affiliate marketing and what programs might suit their website the best and gave them a great deal of information about some of the affiliate networks that I have experience with. These are the networks that I deal with on a regular…Continue Reading

Auction Ads Updates

I did a review of AuctionAds back in June. Since then Shoemoney sold his portion of AuctionAds to Media Whiz, the same company that owns Text Link Ads. In the month since the sale there has been a flurry of activity it seems from AuctionAds. First new web 2.0 style ad formats with nice big…Continue Reading

AdSense Gets Rounded Corners

AdSense has released a new feature for AdSense ad units. They are now allowing webmasters to have rounded corners. Webmasters can now choose from square, slightly rounded and very rounded corners. You can choose your corner style under AdSense setup when you create your ad code, of course you would need to have the border…Continue Reading

Canada Helps

Several of my clients are non-profit groups and it is always interesting to work with them because they are trying to achieve something that is greater than what they can do with what they have. They want to change the world for the better. From small church groups, summer camps or large national organizations they…Continue Reading


AuctionAds (affiliate) has been around for three months, has gained 17,000 plus partners and is still growing. I joined AuctionAds shortly after they started. I heard about them thanks to Shoemoney, who is part owner of AuctionAds. If you are not familiar with AuctionAds it is a unique advertising network because it is built on…Continue Reading