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Google Hosting AJAX Frameworks

The title does not do this post justice, but perhaps that is becuase only web developers will get excited about this. One of the things about creating websites using AJAX is the size of the Javascript frameworks that need to be loaded into the site so the user can use the website. Sure you canContinue Reading


I have been working on a website that uses Ajax calls to dynamically load content into the same page with out refreshing. One of the reasons Ajax was chosen was to create a user experience similar to a flash website. The site appears very smooth, and is as close to a flash site that IContinue Reading

Google Ajax Wizards

I was reminded today when I visited the Google Adsense blog that Google has some interesting wizards that you can use to add ajax addons on your website. The Adsense blog was talking about a news bar, but there is also map search, video bar, video search, and book bar wizards. The news bar wizardContinue Reading

Top 5 Easy Ajax Add Ons

Looking for a quick and easy way to add some new zing to your website without a lot of fuss. Here are my top five Ajax add ons to bring some new life to your website. The list is in order of how difficult I think it is to implement on a website, with oneContinue Reading