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Web 2.0 Bringing Back Mystery Meat Navigation

I first heard the term “Mystery Meat Navigation” several years ago, and I have to admit, I have been guilty of creating the odd site with mystery meat navigation. Things seemed to be getting better, but recently I have been coming a cross a lot of Web 2.0 websites that are brining back mystery meat…Continue Reading

8 Bits On Combining Typefaces

The following post is a guest post by Vivien who runs Inspiration Bit. Vivien is a web developer and freelance web and graphic designer from Vancouver. Her post came at a good time as I have been battling a cold/flu for the last few days. Thanks for the great post Vivien. Whether we like it…Continue Reading

Webmaster Quickie – Free Vectors and Brushes

I have been pretty busy this week doing a lot of Photoshop work. I have to admit I am not the fastest Photoshop guru so I look for help out on the web quite often. I came across a couple of sites recently that have been helpful for both Photoshop and Inkscape. Vecteezy offers free…Continue Reading

Over 10,000 Free Shapes for your Photoshop

I had a minute this morning and hit the Stumble button and was taken to this site that has over 10,000 free shapes for your Photoshop. As you all probably know by now I love free stuff. I tend to fill my hard drive up with it. This download is 37 megs and has close…Continue Reading

Favorite Icons

One of the little things that often is overlooked by many webmasters is to create a favorite icon or favicon for their website. A favicon is that small 16×16 pixel image that people see on the address bar of their web browser when they visit your website, and it is also used when your website…Continue Reading

Web 2.0 Gradients

Just StumbledUpon a couple of great Web 2.0 gradients that you can use in Photoshop to create buttons, logos, tabs, toolbars, backgrounds and all kinds of cool looking things for your websites. Photoshop: Web 2.0 Gradients Ultimate Web 2.0 Gradients I am sure these will come in handy for that next web design project.Continue Reading

BrowserCam Remote Access Services

I have talked about how it is important to test your websites in other browsers to make sure the site looks the way you want it to. While taking screenshots is one way of seeing if your website looks right, it does not give you the chance to make sure all the features that you…Continue Reading

Webmaster Quickie – The Ultimate List of Fonts on the Internet

Looking for some new fonts for a project? Take a look at this list of “The Ultimate List of Fonts on the Internet” post over at Look at This. There are some excellent resources in the list. You are sure to find some new and interesting fonts from some of those sites.Continue Reading

Webmaster Quickie – 19 Things NOT To Do When Building a Website

A great list of things you should not do when creating a website. 19 Things NOT To Do When Building a Website. I will only add two that I did not see, and I have mentioned them before. No stupid annoying animations and make your text readable.Continue Reading

Time Breakdown of Modern Web Design

I have seen this on the web before, but I came across it again this evening and it made me laugh. It is so true. I am just wrapping up a redesign project and everything was going so well, until some issues popped up with Internet Explorer. I don’t think I spent that much time…Continue Reading